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Next generation personal tracker with SOS button

  • Powerful Indoor and Outdoor Positioning
  • Plug-and-PlayConnectivity in more 170 countries
  • Smart car-key design for maximum security
  • Track and locate using your smartphone
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Locate your loved ones and important assets.

Peace of mind. Achieved.

Specially designed for individuals and organizations who operate in complex metropolitan environments, where personal safety may be compromised. Tramigo Y5 has a powerful combo of next-generation positioning technologies. This device is a next-generation car-key-shaped personal locator perfect for those who want peace of mind. In cases of emergency or important events, the device has a smart SOS button, which - by pressing it 3 times - can send a real-time alarm along with the exact location to any authorized user of the FREE Y5 mobile app.
Tramigo Y5 Personal Tracker for businesses and individuals
Easy to use smartphone app to operate your Y5 personal tracker
Easy-To-Use Tramigo Y5 App

Use your smartphone to track your Y5 personal tracking device with the Tramigo Y5 App, that is available for free from Apple's App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play store for Android devices.
One smartphone can track several devices and you can pair one device with several phones.

reliable location tracking thanks to unique and powrful combination of 3 technologies GPS, Wifi and GSM
Revolutionary positioning combo

Powerful combination of GSM, WiFi and GPS positioning.
The Tramigo Y5 personal tracker offers you, for the first time indoor and outdoor positioning in the same product. Works perfectly in the densely populated urban jungles, from shopping malls to airports and even in subways.

170 countries one flat connectivity fee
Global Connectivity

A variety of Pay-As-You-Go data packages for Tramigo Y5 are available in more than 170 countries.*

* Check the list of supported countries here

The story behind Tramigo Y5 Personal Tracker

Tramigo Y5 gets its name from the new innovation in tracking industry; it's our first product with WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning System) that allows tracking and locating also indoors. Traditionally GPS Satellite based positioning has only worked outdoors, giving accurate positioning only to a building door level. Tramigo is partnering with Google who offers the widest WPS support globally.

GPS Satellite based positioning is typically used in vehicle tracking and fleet management, but in human/asset tracking the challenge is more complex. Even with vehicles, GPS Satellite based positioning can be challenging as you enter large mega-city environments. With people, and the smaller personal and asset tracking devices, indoor positioning support becomes a key requirement. Tramigo Y5(Wi-Fi) was developed for tough urban jungles, and it is the first Tramigo device with both indoor and outdoor positioning/tracking!

Tramigo Y5 Key Features

SOS button for emergencies and important events. Send real-time alarms to registered users.

Press 3 times to activate an instant alarm, and start transmitting your location to the connected smartphones.Add unlimited connected users.


Clever car-key design. Discrete look for added security.

Tramigo Y5 has a practical small size and it is easily attachable to your keychain, clothes or bag.


Precise indoor positioning using Wi-Fi. Locates inside buildings.

WPS positioning offered in partnership with Google is the perfect solution for urban areas where GPS signals do not penetrate buildings effectively.


Powerful mobile connectivity. Reliable global coverage.

3G is crucial in crowded mega-city centers, while 2G provides coverage in remote and isolated locations. Tramigo Y5 utilizes also GSM positioning to ensure locating your loved ones in complex environments.


GPS satellite tracking for outdoor positioning. Accurate positioning anywhere on the globe.

Y5 has also includes traditional GPS (aGPS). GPS positioning is particularly useful in outside-city areas.


The combination of WPS, GPS and GSM positioning makes Tramigo Y5 a truly pioneering next-generation personal locator.

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