Peace of mind in the South African urban environments

Next-generation personal tracker with SOS button

  • Powerful Indoor and Outdoor Positioning
  • Global Data Connectivity with flat rates that work across South Africa and in more than 170 countries
  • Discreet car-key design for maximum security
  • Track and locate in real time using your smartphone application

Locate your loved ones and important assets immediately

Specially designed for individuals and organizations who operate in complex metropolitan environments, where personal safety may be compromised. Tramigo Y5 has a powerful combo of next-generation positioning technologies. This device is a next-generation car-key-shaped personal locator perfect for those who want peace of mind. In cases of emergency or important events, the device has a smart SOS button, which - by pressing it 3 times - can send a real-time alarm along with the exact location to any authorized user of the Y5 mobile app.

Tramigo personal locator for south-africa mobile app

Easy-To-Use Tramigo Y5 App for Android and IOS

Use your smartphone to track your Y5 personal tracking device with the Tramigo Y5 App, that is available from Apple's App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play store for Android devices.

One smartphone can track several devices and you can pair one device with several phones.

Tramigo Personal and Asset Tracker Key Features

Use the SOS Button in emergencies. Get help fast when time is of the essence.

Press the button three times to activate a panic alarm and transmit your location to all connected smartphones. Send SOS signal and get help whether in the city or in the wild.


Track in cities with Wifi based positioning.

WiFi supported location is a perfect solution for urban areas where GPS signals do not penetrate buildings effectively, for example inside shopping malls, airports or multi-story apartment buildings.


Locate the device outdoors with GPS.  Accurate positioning anywhere on the globe.

Using the latest GPS locating technology to get accurate position around the world.


Global data connectivity. 170 countries out of the box.

The embedded 3G/2G eSIM does not require any installation and it works inside and outside South Africa and around the globe seamlessly with the same data package.

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Discreet car-key design. Convenient concealment for added security.

Tramigo Y5 GPS key chain tracker has a practical small size and it is easily attachable to your keychain, clothes or bag.


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